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Try the 'experience of a holiday on a sailing boat with High Tide Charter.

With one of our boats you will live unforgettable days sailing in the sea of western Sicily, Egadi included.

Our fleet consists of brand new boats, models of the most suitable for cruising sailboats, both for the great comfort for excellent sailing performance.

Our programs cruise start from our base of Marsala, which is located just in front of the Egadi Islands.

You can finally see the most beautiful coastline from the sea and enjoy the true meaning of "living in the sea"

Bases and routes

The nature of the Egadi Islands is very special because it is wild and untouched, features no longer be found almost everywhere in the Mediterranean.
The Egadi archipelago is part of a yet to be discovered where the mild climate both in summer and winter, calls for a visit at any time of year.
The Egadi Marine Reserve is the largest in Italy and its depths, its transparency and the magical caves make it a unique piece of jewelery. The terrestrial environment of the Egadi is one of the richest in species and botanical, flora and fauna are preserved underwater, making the whole uncontaminated area

Favignana that the Greeks called Aegusa and in the Middle Ages took its current name from the wind Flavonio, looks like a big butterfly came to rest quietly on the waters of the Mediterranean.

Waters that still evoke the events of history and myth, which hide in their deep secrets of ancient battles.
Who can not reach Favignana first notice the elegance and lightness of Palazzo Florio (1876), symbol of the island.
From here you can start your tour of the country, and along the main road, get to the heart of island life, the Piazza Madrice, where everything happens.
On the right side of the square you enter through the streets of St. Anne district, the oldest part of the country, where among the simple houses built with tuff hide beautiful gardens underground.

Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadi Islands, integrates and beautiful is immersed in nature and surrounded by a crystal clear sea. E 'famous for the Grotta del Genovese, are engraved graffiti - evidence of prehistoric art of the Upper Paleolithic - and paintings dating back to Neolithic times. Coast has steep sides and accessible only North-West and South-East Asia, falling from a steep plateau culminating with the Pizzo del Monaco (278 meters).

The only town, which concentrates most of the population is located on the southern coast of the island in a bay called Cala Dogana, which is also the marina, which offers good shelter from the north winds and the west.

A Levanzo, as for the other islands, it is advisable to visit it by boat, the better to admire the beauty of lmare and appreciate its clear waters. The eastern part of the island consists of a continuous series of inlets, often surmounted by walls that fall straight.