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If we consider a leader with years of safe and proven experience, sailing instructor and especially loves the sea, add a solid, comfortable boat and conclude with the beautiful natural scenery of the Aeolian Islands, land of winds and volcanoes, the marine reserve of Ustica and its wildlife, the magical islands Egadi and in general all the beautiful Sicily, then we can only give you an appointment at 14:00 in Portorosa about to begin a magical adventure!

The means chosen is the oldest man possesses: sailing. The places we visit are those of the literary poetry of Homer, of the wanderings of Ulysses and the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean.

The landscape is characterized by steep cliffs inhabited by sea hawks, uncontaminated seas cobalt color, small fishing villages, backdrops that are real paradise for divers, architecture and lifestyle of the Mediterranean.

Two boats that are part of the fleet:
> Beneteau Oceanis 430, 4 cabins and two bathrooms.
> Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45, 4 double cabins and two bathrooms.

They can be used for boarding the cab and rented exclusively for integer skipper.
They try, recommended by the wind, to visit all the seven Aeolian islands and other places in the program.
On board you can opt for a voluntary partnership with the skipper, instructor Italian Sailing Federation, participating in maneuvers with the possibility of a school without a set schedule, or you can choose to simply relax in the sun. Most groups are made up of individuals / couples and or average age 35/40 years are not recommended for children in individual holdings.

Bases and routes

Our Cruises - Weekly program Aeolian Islands:

A one week cruise on a sailboat in northern Sicily between the Aeolian Islands: Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Alicudi and Filicudi.
The period chosen is the beginning of summer with the longest days of the year when the nights are mild and short stellate.
- Start cruise, boarding Portorosa Marina (near Milazzo), about 15.00 pm
- End cruise, landing Portorosa 10.00 am on the following Saturday. Returned to base at 20.00 on Friday evening and overnight on board.

For the weekly individual Aeolian Islands departure on Saturday at 15 00 Portorosa you do galley and the direct Vulcan. In the following days we will visit the other islands taking advice from the wind, then watching a travel program inicativo an island a day, weather and sea conditions permitting.

On board you can simply soak up the sun or participate in the maneuvers instructor helping the skipper of the Italian Sailing Federation.

We recommend light clothing and something heavier for the cool evenings. If you want to participate in the conduct of the boat carrying a pair of boat shoes and a waterproof jacket.