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What we are going to tell you is a modern adventure born from a passion, as old as man is. It is the story of six travellers and their love for the sea. Our first leg starts on 2000 September, when our six friends launch Spartivento Charter & Service Society.

In October 2000 the first initiatives start: the purchase of the first two magnificent OCEANIS CLIPPER 411 and OCEANIS CLIPPER 473. Later in 2001 with delivery in February 2002 the fleet implements two models: Oceanis Clipper 331 and a First 40.7, a technical boat ready for the sailing centre and the deep-sea regattas; besides, by the new office, they have already equipped the rooms for the sailing school and the due desks for the boat sale and management.

The six navigators, to attain this aim, will use every possible Marketing instrument such as the TOTAL QUALITY and the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION value and improve the quality of services.

This is the past and the future of the Spartivento Charter & Service born for desire and in the service of the sea.

Man and sea: a fascinating pair which has brought the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean sea to compare themselves with its huge expanse. This mythical challenge has bequeathed to us modern people on the one hand mysterious archaeological marine sites, on the other splendid coastal resorts.

In our fourth leg, therefore, we meet these interesting destinations: crystal-clear seas, coasts rich in history, virgin and prosperous nature, depths to explore. We can, therefore, sail for Chianalea di Scilla, set among the rocks standing vertically on the sea of Costa Viola, circumnavigate the promontory of Capo Vaticano and its pearls: Tropea, Pizzo Calabro and Briatico. Departing just a little, we can discover Taormina and the Temples Valley for a dive into art and culture, or the Aeolian islands, a paradise for yachtsmen and for lovers of nature in all its forms. And why not? The Amalfi coast with Capri, Ischia and Procida, or Ustica and its extraordinary marine reserve.
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